I am not my job

I am not my job. Very much so. I’m lucky to do work for a living that is not completely severed from my interests, but my job and my interests do not align.

My attraction to velomobility research and the horrifying problem of automobility is motivated primarily by my interest in social justice and inequality, and my intrigue with some of the weird ways in which our minds work. There is more overlap between my research interest and the problem of discrimination against, say, refugees than there is between my research and the wonders of cycle lane design.

To this end I keep a firewall between my day job and the rest of my life as best I can. No, I unfortunately can’t speak to your class/organisation about what I do to earn money. I’m very happy to talk about what I do to stay sane though. Feel free to explore this site to find out what that half of my life is about.