I’m one of these people who find it difficult to sit still. When I’m not doing “brain work” I like to work with my hands, doing DIY and sewing.

I wear dungarees that I make myself. I’ve refined my pattern over the course of a few years, and continue to update it. All my dungarees are reversible, in other words, each pair is actually two pairs. To prevent the offcuts generated by this process going into landfill, I use them to make other things. For now it’s only applique bags, but I have my eye on a teddy bear pattern that I might try some day, one day… Here’s some photos of my ever growing dungaree collection, and a few photos and time lapse making of videos of various bags.

Third applique bag

Third applique bag from sewing offcuts. This is definitely the way to go – so much faster than patchwork.

Second applique bag

My second applique bag.

First applique bag

Patchwork is actually really time-consuming, and I needed something more effective to process the ever increasing mountain of offcuts. Applique is a much faster way to do it, and frankly, I think the final product looks better.

Second patchwork cat bag

This time I added some face details to the bag.

First patchwork cat bag

I thought it would be a good idea to make reusable shopping bags from the offcuts of my sewing projects. To add a little interest, I attempted to include a cat design in the patchwork.