A writer

My earliest writing work was a little story about the adventures of me and my cat (fully illustrated). The next notable literary work from my brain was an epic humorous poem about the ten plagues. I sold copies to friends at school. Next was a phase of horrendously teenage-drama-laced short stories, written over several years.

I still wrote on and off through my twenties, then wrote a book in my very early thirties and spent the rest of my thirties trying to become a published writer. This was not very successful.

In the year I turned forty I started studying, and writing became something I did as part of my academic career. I continue to write for this purpose.

Recently I returned to writing for more personal purposes, but not fiction. I’ll never try to write fiction again, I’m not good at it. Whether the non-academic non-fiction I engage in will ever see publication remains to be seen. Still, writing is a part of my identity, regardless of whether others end up reading any of it.

On this site you can find a link to my blog, which includes thoughts captured as far back as 2008 and were transferred to this site from a previous blog page. You can also find a link to my writing for Cyclist.ie and other non-academic publications.