Active Travel Research and Writing


I am interested in active travel, especially cycling, as a social justice issue.


Non-academic writing for various publications.


What I do in my down time.


I am a TU Dublin Research Scholar with a deep interest in active travel and reduced or eliminated dependence on the private car. My research focuses specifically on cyclists as this road user group is like a lightning rod, eliciting the most interesting behaviours and communications. This smorgasbord of interests and competencies lead me to be fascinated with seemingly disparate elements of our roads that are, at heart, connected. Everything is an act of communication, including the way we design our public spaces. Use the site menu to find pages with more information on my academic work.

When I’m not engaged in work related to active travel I like to make things. I do a lot of sewing, I occasionally write poetry, I very occasionally write blogs, and I do a lot of DIY. I’m not confident enough to showcase my DIY projects, but I make some things that are looking for new homes so by all means stop by that part of my site as well.